You May Be Eligible For A Tax Refund

Property tax appeals can be particularly confusing in Chicagoland because Cook County and the surrounding Collar Counties operate on different property tax billing cycles. If you have moved between jurisdictions, you might have questions about how your property assessment works, or about the time you have to file an appeal if you believe your taxes are too high.

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Understanding Property Tax Refunds: Cook County

In Cook County, the assessor's office maintains an assessment schedule for every township in the county. Appeal deadlines are based on the assessment date. Once an assessment has been closed, property owners can appeal a tax bill to the Board of Review. If an owner receives an unfavorable decision there, the next step is to appeal to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board in Springfield, or file a suit in Cook County Circuit Court. Any tax reductions awarded by a review board or court are given as a reimbursement.

Understanding Property Tax Refunds: Collar Counties

The counties surrounding Cook County have a different process for assessing properties and appealing the resulting tax bills. Owners have 30 days following the publication of an assessment roll to file an appeal; the Board of Review takes up appeals once the appeal period has closed. Property owners also have the option of appealing an unfavorable decision to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board or a Circuit Court.

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