Reveliotis Law, P.C.

Our firm separates itself from others in Chicagoland because we focus on a small area of the law: property taxation and real estate law. We do this because it requires not only extensive knowledge of complicated law and bureaucracy, but also an awareness of how state and local laws can change from year to year. Practicing exclusively in this area,

our attorneys have obtained more than 30 years of combined experience helping individuals and businesses across Cook County with their property tax and other real estate-related legal matters.

You wouldn't hire a carpenter to fix your plumbing. If you have concerns with your property taxes or a pending real estate transaction, don't turn to a firm that only occasionally (if ever) handles these types of cases. Contact our team of highly experienced tax lawyers to assist you. Call our downtown Park Ridge office at 312-230-0160.

Understanding The Issues Facing Families And Business Owners In Illinois

We understand that property taxes can be confusing, even for the smartest home and business owners. Even if you grasp the basics — the assessment value of your property, the state equalizer factor and the tax rate — many are nevertheless blindsided when attempting to deal with the assessor's office.

The advantage of working with our firm is that our attorneys will quickly grasp the issues behind your property taxation matter or real estate transaction and begin working to develop the most effective legal strategy. We know that there is a difference between educating our clients and explaining complex issues, and simply throwing hard-to-understand information at them. We will involve you in your case as much or as little as you are comfortable with, without compromising the experienced legal advice and representation that you expect.

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