Katerina Liapis

Lead Analyst and Accounts Manager Katerina Liapis joined Reveliotis Law, P.C., in June 2012. In her role, Ms. Liapis supervises the filing of all commercial, industrial and residential tax appeals. Educated in Greece as a mechanical engineer, Ms. Liapis brings her analytical skills to bear in assessing property structures for the firm in relation to their tax assessments. This includes researching taxes, analyzing equitability of assessed property values based on market data and evaluating data on behalf of clients. In addition, Ms. Liapis has developed a software program to decrease the amount of time required to perform residential comparability analyses by approximately 85 percent.

Prior to joining Reveliotis Law, Ms. Liapis worked as a mechanical engineer in Tripolis, Greece, with a focus on environmentally-friendly construction practices. She is currently a student at the John Marshall Law School. Ms. Liapis is an active member of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America and . A dedicated member of the group, she also serves as the Lieutenant Governor of the Midwest District. Ms. Liapis is fluent in English and Greek and conversational in Spanish.

Education: Technological Institute of Kavala, Greece, Mechanical Engineering

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