Taking The Confusion Out Of Your Property Tax Bill

For many property owners, the yearly property tax bill presents many questions and generates significant confusion. You might find yourself wondering:

How long do I have to file an appeal if I disagree with my property's assessment value?
How long will it take to receive a decision on my appeal?
Even if my assessment value is lowered, can my property taxes still rise?
Are there exemptions or incentives available to me that I am not claiming?

At Reveliotis Law, P.C., we answer these and many other questions for property owners across Chicagoland and Cook County every single day. Our attorneys have dedicated our firm's practice to taking the confusion out of this necessary but unwelcome aspect of owning property in Illinois. If you have questions about your property tax bill, we encourage you to contact us for answers, and to learn how we may be able to help you lower your property taxes.

Our Goal: To Help You Understand Complex Property Tax Questions

The confusion can begin as soon as the assessment letter arrives in the mail. With so much information, many owners are left with one question: "How was my bill actually calculated?"

When you meet with us to discuss your tax bill, we will explain everything that is involved in calculating your tax liability. We encourage you to speak with an attorney as quickly as possible once you receive your tax bill; generally speaking, owners have only 30 days from the date an assessment is mailed to file an appeal. While we assist you with an appeal, we can also determine if, going forward, you are eligible for one or more exemptions (such as the Senior Freeze exemption) or one of the many incentives available.

While our lawyers can help you appeal the assessment value of your property, other factors, such as the tax rate set by the Illinois Legislature, are out of an owner's hands. We will do everything possible to help you obtain tax relief.

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