We Can Help You With Property Tax Appeals

If you have recently received your property tax bill, you might have been tempted to simply pay it, even if the amount you owe this year is significantly higher than it was in previous years.

However, there are options that you can and should pursue if your property taxes have increased this year. The attorneys of Reveliotis Law, P.C., handle property taxation and other real estate issues for homeowners and commercial property owners in Chicagoland. We believe that it is always worthwhile to pursue a property assessment appeal, which can result in a lower assessed value of property and often lead to a lower tax liability. We are here to explain which options might be available to you and help you pursue a tax reduction.

Our knowledge of underlying law is only half the reason that people turn to our firm for legal assistance. We also know how the bureaucratic side of things works — how to meet the requirements set out by a county assessor's office and the other logistical aspects of property tax appeals in Park Ridge and Cook County. Together, our lawyers have more than three decades of experience resolving these complex issues for our clients.

Understanding Your Appeal Options

Property taxes in Illinois are determined by three main factors:

  1. Assessment value of your property
  2. State equalizer factor
  3. Tax rate

Because the state equalizer factor and the tax rate are set by the Illinois legislature and the Illinois Department of Revenue, the best opportunity to lower property tax liability comes by appealing the assessment value of a property.

Depending on the original assessment value of your property and other factors, we can pursue one or more levels of property tax appeal:

Respond to the Assessor for a reassessment of your property Respond to the Board of Review for a reassessment of your property Appeal to the Property Tax Appeal Board File a claim in circuit court

Each level of appeal requires significant diligence, including preparation of documents and familiarity with deadlines. This is why working with an experienced lawyer when you have questions about your tax liability can mean the difference between reducing the taxes you owe and having to pay more.

If our appeal is successful, you may be entitled to either a reimbursement or refund of your property taxes.

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