Experienced With Residential Real Estate Closings In Chicago

As a firm that handles property taxation and real estate law matters exclusively, our attorneys have an intuitive understanding that real estate is a high-stakes game. Whether our clients are purchasing a home or selling a commercial property, there is significant money on the line, but they are also investing their time and energy — and often their emotions as well. They deserve a firm that will work quickly and always in their best interests.

When it comes to real estate transactions in Chicagoland, Reveliotis Law, P.C., delivers. We are a team of lawyers, led by attorney George Reveliotis, who have more than 25 years of combined experience turning opportunities into success for real estate clients in Park Ridge and all surrounding areas. We take pride in our ability to simplify what too often seem like confusing legal processes, and in doing so instill confidence in our clients that they are being set up for long-term success. If you seek dynamic, efficient legal counsel for your transaction, contact us today.

A Legal Strategy, Focused On Results

Our services for residential and commercial closings can be summarized in two words: due diligence. We take seriously the fact that our clients have entrusted us to carefully analyze every aspect of the purchase or sale of real estate to give them certainty in proceeding with their transaction.

We handle every aspect of those transactions, including title search, review and opinions, drafting and reviewing sale/purchase agreements, and negotiating with other parties. We work to anticipate and avoid problems, but when disputes arise between our clients and others, we are prepared to utilize strategic litigation to help our clients come out ahead.

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We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and assist you with your commercial or residential real estate closing in Park Ridge and surrounding areas. Arrange a confidential and no-cost consultation by emailing us, or call our Park Ridge office at 312-239-6430, toll free 800-584-2103.

Our firm represents clients in Cook County and the Collar Counties.