Restaurant And Banquet Facilities

Serving clients throughout Illinois and the Chicagoland area, Reveliotis Law, P.C., represents commercial and residential property owners in taxation law matters. Led by George Reveliotis, our team is committed to providing quality legal services for those in need of legal services involving tax matters. We offer straightforward advice that is tailored to meet the needs of your particular situation.

How We Can Help

We will assess the property, determine whether you may be able to save money based on the assessment, and then submit a reduction based on our findings to the appeal board. If the court does not approve the reduction, we may be able to contest the findings. By working with an experienced lawyer, you will likely achieve the best possible outcome. Our firm offers the experience, skills and has the necessary resources to help with your particular needs.

Tax Lawyers With a Wealth of Experience Representing Business Owners

We have represented the following clients in restaurant and banquet facility tax issues: Skylite West Banquets, Crystal Sky Banquets, D'Andrea Banquets & Conference Center, Pluto's restaurant, Squabs Gyros, Al's Pizzeria, Beacon Kitchen & Bath, Chateau Ritz Banquet Hall, Jameson's restaurant of Arlington Heights, Lume's restaurants, Elly's restaurant, Blueberry Hill restaurant, Dover Straits restaurants, Omega Restaurants, Hollywood Grill restaurant, Ody's restaurant, Rise N Dine restaurant, Mother's Day Restaurant, Windy City Subs and Pit Rib House.

We understand the specific tax issues concerning restaurants and banquet facilities. We know what to look for when examining documentation and can easily identify issues within an assessment. Our team understands the significant impact that overassessed tax valuations can have on your business and will make certain that your rights are protected.

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